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Bankruptcy Qualification Checklist

Determining who qualifies for bankruptcy and which type of bankruptcy is the best option for you is a complicated process that requires extensive knowledge of the law and practical experience. A bankruptcy attorney from The Rosenthal Law Group in St. Petersburg, FL can provide the advice, information and expert legal representation necessary to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy, to stop creditor harassment and begin rebuilding your finances.

Althought the process of determining who qualifies is somewhat complicated, as a general rule, If 4 or more of the below statements are true for you, you may be eligible to file for bankruptcy and have your debts discharged. It costs nothing to speak with one of our attorneys to see if bankruptcy may be the right option for you. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Unsecured Debt
  •  I have credit card bills I simply can’t pay
  •  I have personal loans I can’t repay
  •  I have medical bills that are not covered by your insurance that I can’t pay
  •  I am over 30 days behind on more than two bills
  • I have high outstanding medical bills
  •  I have unpaid income taxes
Secured Debt
  •  I have a car loan I am behind on or can’t afford
  • I have a second car loan I am behind on or can’t afford
  • I am 90 days, or more, behind on my mortgage
  • I have a second mortgage I am 90 days, or more, behind on
  • I have other loans I can’t afford the payments for
  •  I have very few assets (valuable items that can be sold , that I do NOT have a loan on)
  • I have little or no savings
  • I do not have a retirement fund
Legal Action
  •   I am consistently harassed by creditors or collection agencies
  • I currently have a pending lawsuit(s) against me
  • I have garnished wages and/or money seized from your bank account
  • I have had property repossessed
  • My home is in foreclosure
Repayment Time
  •  After all of my necessary living expenses (room, board, transportation, etc…), I am still able to pay less than $100 per month toward my debts